Reiner Heidorn lives and works in Weilheim, Bavaria. The autodidact painter processes in his oversized and mostly monochrome paintings the relationship between man and nature. The desire to unite with nature, to become one with it and even to dissolve in it - Reiner Heidorn gives form and color to this thought. Over the years of his work, he has developed his own unique painting technique and gave it a name - "Dissolutio", which means disappearance. His paintings consist of tiny microscopic elements, flowing various shades of green and blue arrange themselves in gentle transitions on the canvas. They suggest forests, lakes, plants, up to whole worlds. Thus his artistic work stands in a contemporary discourse of socially topical issues such as climate change or the alienation of man with regard to his natural environment. Reiner Heidorn's works have been shown in exhibitions in Brazil, Dubai, the USA and in various German and European cities.





Reiner Heidorn – german painter

 1966 born in Bavaria

lives and works in Weilheim/Bavaria



selected solo shows:

jan 10 „reinerheidornpaintings“ Gallery G 5, Gärtnerplatz, Munich, Germany

okt 12 „heidorn – the foilpaintings“ gallery art coming, Starnberg, Germany

march 13 „the fragile system“ Gallery Kaysser, Munich, Germany

nov 16 “monomito” Casa Culturale Villa Ritinha, Recife/Brazil

april 17 “a comprensive survey” Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, USA

april 17 “the white canoue” Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany

june 18 „mental positions“ Gallery Bildpark, Munich, Germany

june 18 „east meets west“ Gallery Boca, Dubai, UAE

may 19 "a reve du microscopique", Vanities Gallery, Paris, France

 june 19 „I was put on this earth", Politische Akademie Tutzing, Germany

aug 19 "Ufohouse", Käthe Zwach Gallery, Austria

okt 19 FLEUR – botanic paintings, NSBE Agentur Weilheim, Germany

 nov 19 „a gentle return into life“, Gallery 88, Philadelphia, USA

oct 20 „paintings Reiner Heidorn“, City of Graz,

Glockenturm Graz, Austria

may 21 „a texture of fade“, GAD, Venice, Italy

may 21 „Wildlight“, Heitsch Gallery, Munich, Germany

 une 21 „the long awaited“, LeiXiang Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

nov 21 "Reiner Heidorn at Talamona", permanent presentation, Talamona, Switzerland

jan 22 "cellular diary", Max Planck Institut Martinsried, Germany

jan 22 "a flower from the heart", Gundula Gruber Gallery, Vienna, Austria

march 22 "the absence of us", Galerie29, Starnberg, Germany

may 22 "nicelanders" Gallery Kaysser, Ruhpolding,


june 22 "the path out" Dankeskirche München, Germany

July 22 "das heilige Grün", Galeriekanzlei, München, Germany

Sept 22 "benath your feet" Gallery Von & Von, Nürnberg, Germany

March 23 "the infinite cycle" Universitätsbibliothek Cologne, Germany

March 23 "the welcome pain" Stadtmuseum Weilheim, Germany

May 23 "halitus" Museum Maxhütte, Bergen, Germany


public sales:

 Freistaat Bayern

 Museum Weilheim